• Beryl Cook - Twins

  • $4,500.00

  • Description

    • Lithograph   24" x 24"
    • Edition of 300
    • Signed by artist 
    • Published: 1989

    Told by Cook: Pictured here is a combination of people and places I have seen on various trips across America. The background is Los Angeles' Art Deco railway station, much admired by me when we had a stopover between trains. Twins fascinate me and I had seen these two watching an outdoor performance on a pier in San Francisco. They fitted nicely in the pair of seats. I had drawn the lady with the outstanding figure on our first visit to the States,  when a long wait at Miami Airport was enlivened considerably by her arrival. Believe me, I have not been able to do her justice, and a ripple of excitement went through the waiting room as she entered. I've painted her as I saw her, proudly striding towards her boyfriend, waiting to meet her in New Orleans.

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