• Beryl Cook - Lady of Marseilles

  • $1,500.00

  • Description

    • Silkscreen    20.25 x 17.25 in.
    • Edition Size: 395
    • Signed by artist
    • Published: 2005


    Explained by Cook: I painted this picture after a visit to Marseilles. It is an exciting place, dangerous too, and we were warned about which streets never to enter. I don't need warned twice, so we left those streets well alone and sat safely on the quayside in the evenings, content to watch activities on the magnificent yachts and the bustle around the small cafes. This girl, dressed in a minute of leopardskin outfit and sporting a golden tan, busied herself going here and there, pausing for a chat or drink, and occasionally disappearing into a dark alley. Her final appearance was from a nearby doorway with three small dogs eager for exercise, crossing the road in front of us as we walked to the hotel; she left me with this last view of her. 


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